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We have been involved in IPv6 on IRCNet back in 1999 til 2001 and in Web Hosting since then.

Hands on LAMPs (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) Web Servers based on Debian, Redhat, Cobalt, CentOS and FreeBSD here we are with some new projects.

zizzibaddi.com El Friki PlayeroZizziBaddi.com El Friki Playero
Blog about Computers, iPhone, BitTorrent, VoIP, SEO, Movies & Bikes

Based on text. Freaky articles, some picture galleries and videos.

Worldwide audience with a demographic of MALE, about 34 years of age, English speaking.

ZizziBaddi.com on Alexa

Hundreds of Freaky Images & Pictures from everywhere

Based on images, pictures, funny pictures, weird pictures, freaky pictures

Worldwide audience, popular in Spain due to Barcelona’s pictures

FrikiPix.com on Alexa

Ghost Rider Iberico Interactive Project

Based on Freaky Videos

This is a work in progress project so far

GRiiP.NET on Alexa

LinkMachine Test

Cron LinkMachine

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